Hot-cold. Blue-brown. Oh the fun of color changing cars! Aiden loves to dip them back and forth, hot-cold, for hours! He has four cars that change colors with changes in temperature. We have even put his cars in the freezer at the grocery store! It's a hoot to watch his face! The only downside is he puts all of his cars in water whenever he has a chance. Next, we will work on learning which cars change color and which do not - I think the kitties will appreciate having car-free drinking water again :)


Daddy recently got a baby seat to attach to the bike. Here they are trying it out. Aiden had a blast! He came inside afterward with a frosty nose, but I'm sure he didn't mind :)

2011 - Part 2

Here is Part 2 of my 2011 re-cap.
Aiden's first baseball game. Go Astros!
Grandma and Grandpa Sumaya come visit every year for Labor day. It is so nice to get to spend this time with them - we love it! Here is a picture of Grandma, Grandpa, and Aiden on Galveston Beach.
Michael goes to a car wash that has a play area for kids. Aiden loves it! He is getting big enough to play in play sets.
It just doesn't seem the same as when Momma and Dadda drive :) He sure loves to do whatever Momma and Dadda do!
Trying on Momma's darling!
Houston Air Show 2011. Aiden loved watching the airplanes! Next year we are going to have to devise some way to keep the sun out of his eyes though. I think he missed a lot just because it was painful to look.
On our trip to the Houston Zoo I think Aiden's favorite part was chasing the Otters back and forth across the tank. He must have done this for 20 minutes - laughing the whole time! (Please disregard his outfit - Momma did not dress him appropriately for the weather!)
Aiden's school picture. Not the best picture of him, but we bought it anyway to save the memory.
Aiden and Dadda playing in the backyard. It is hard to see, but Aiden is laughing so hard he can hardly stand up!
Good Morning and Happy Halloween Ms. Donna! Breakfast (and laughs) at school.
On his first Halloween, we taught our little fireman how to go door-to-door and request 'items' be dropped into his pumpkin. He had so much fun!
Then when we got home, he discovered what all those people were giving him - CANDY! Boy was that a big hit! There is no going back now - he is on to the game of Halloween. We'll see if he lets us wait until we get home to break into the candy next year :)
This is the cute, sheepish grin of a boy who had a little girl 'flirting' with him over his shoulder at the Wildlife Park :)
Texas Renaissance Festival. I don't have much to say - we went, we saw, we ate, we sat in traffic, and more traffic, and more get the point.
Dog pile - literally! This is just a cute picture of all of the kids having fun :)
Thanksgiving in Kansas. I don't have very many pictures from our trip to Kansas. As some of you may be able to tell, my photographing frequency dropped off as the year went on. I will try to work on fixing that in 2012. This is a cute shot of the cousins anxiously anticipating the beginning of a Pixar movie. They are all sooo excited they can hardly control their wiggly selves!
We went to the mall in Kansas to have Aiden's picture taken with Santa for the Christmas card, and while there we must have ridden the carousel a few hundred times. Ok, I'm exaggerating, but not by much. Aiden loved it!
We hosted Christmas at our house this year. It was wonderful! It was wonderful to have a house full of family! It was wonderful not to have to travel! It was wonderful all around. It was also Aiden's first "real" Christmas - a Christmas where he could understand and participate. In preparation, I thought he would love opening all of the gifts so I wrapped each little thing individually. It turns out that he would have been happier with everything wrapped together, because after he opened the first present he just wanted to play with it. Forget the rest of the presents - he had a new toy! It really was a delight to spend Christmas with the family and to participate in Aiden's first "real" Christmas!
To finish off the year, there is one more big-boy change. Dadda turned the car seat around so Aiden is facing forward now! Oh my - he loved it! He was practically squealing with delight :) He can see all of the cars out the window now and look directly at Momma and Dadda. Oh boy!

It is hard for me to believe that he is going to be 2 years old in a couple weeks. Where did the time go? He is growing up so fast. I am loving every minute of it, but time is flying by. To steal a phrase from Gretchen Rubin - The days are long, but the years are short.

Good-bye 2011, and Welcome 2012! I know this year will bring many more adventures!

2011 - Part 1

Wow! Where did 2011 go? I am very behind on this blog - there was so much that happened in 2011 that I have not written about. The thought of trying to catch up makes me anxious, because of the sheer volume of information - it will be quite a challenge to catch up and keep up with 2012 at the same time. So, in an effort to try to not fall behind in 2012, I am going to try to summarize 2011 here. There are so many things to say, so undoubtably I will miss something, but it is better than nothing! Here favorite pictures/memories from 2011.

Fun with food! Aiden is not a big eater, but he is really good at playing with his food :)
Aiden's first smoothie. He loved it! He loves all things "big boy"ish.
Aiden's first haircut. What a wiggly boy! We learned from this first experience and now we take him to a place with TV's to distract him!
Just lookin' cool!
Learning to brush his teeth. He is too big for the counter these days, so we have graduated to a stool (or distracting him with tickles!).
First trip to the Houston Rodeo. We had a lot of fun! I think this will become a family tradition.
I love this smile! He has a way of lighting up a room when he smiles! He is just too precious!
Aiden had ear tubes put in in March. It was a difficult decision, but after 11 consecutive ear infections and a dwindling list of antibiotics we could try, we decided to have the surgery. Since the surgery we have been free of infections! I am so glad! It was the right decision for him.
Aiden loves spinach and artichoke dip. It is one of the few foods he will eat. I have a VERY picky eater on my hands!
This is the most darling picture of Aiden helping me water the flowers! In the spring we would go out everyday after work/school and fill up the watering can and water the flowers. He is such a good helper! These days he helps me throw things in the trash, put the laundry in the dryer, and lets me know when 'his cars' make a mess :)
My birthday fell on Easter in 2011, so we decided to go on a trip to San Antonio. Aiden was just starting to learn the names of things like 'cars' and 'trees', so he loved being able to look out the window of the hotel room at these things below. He had a perfect view - and we got a cute shot!
While in San Antonio we went to the Zoo and Sea World. This is a picture of Aiden showing me some animal at the zoo. Very cute!
Sticky balls are so much fun!
Sea World San Antonio.
Look out world - I'm learning to walk!!!
Here he goes! No more holding on! Good job Aiden!
First horseback ride, at the Wildlife Park in Alvin.
I want to be just like Dadda when I grow up :)
Aiden and dot-dot. Aiden and dot-dot had a very special bond for quite a few months. Aiden carried him EVERYWHERE! They even had to shower together! He has grown out of his relationship with dot-dot now, but it was quite a special bond for a large part of 2011.
Happy 4 year Anniversary Momma and Dadda! I think Aiden was happy for us because it meant he got balloons to play with! :)
We went to California to spend 4th of July with Grandma, Aunt Jackie, Uncle Steve, and cousin Leland this year. While we were there we went to the Del Mar Fair and rode horses and kiddy rides....
we ate breakfast without a high-chair (gasp)....
and we went to LegoLand. We had so much fun!

I am running out of space for this post, so I will finish the year in "2011 - Part 2". More to come!

Aiden's First Year

I don't have the words to explain how I feel about Aiden's first year. I am so blessed to be his mom everyday. He brings me the greatest joy I have ever known. He is a happy boy, through and through, and his face lights me up when he smiles!

In his first year we struggled with putting weight on him, fighting off ear infections, and getting through many sleepless nights. But we also watched him learn to smile, sit and crawl, discover balls and books, and develop a unique bond with all of the adults in his life.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to spend each and every day with him! I love you so much Aiden - more than mommy can ever express.

Here is a glimpse back....